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Linpac: Fresh thinking for rPET packaging
With over 50 years of experience in the production of primary fresh food packaging, LINPAC leads the global packaging industry in the development and production of innovative packaging solutions. Championing the reduction of food waste by delivering forward thinking, efficient products for its customers, LINPAC is one of the most trusted brands in today’s market.
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100% tracability, 100% food safety

The company’s commitment to producing an economically sustainable product offering includes a wide range of rPET products, which are manufactured using up to 95 per cent post-consumer recyclate. Manufacturing packaging with industry-leading levels of recycled content, including the internal recycling of materials wherever possible, is core to the company’s mission to create a closed-loop ‘green’ packaging process. The contribution made by the vicscotec deCON technology is, according to Ana Fernandez, director of innovation at LINPAC, an important part of the process. Ana said: “In-house at LINPAC, the creation of our rPET trays begins with the supercleaning process and, our rPET begins its journey with viscotec.”


“The delivery of viscotec’s decontaminated rPET flakes to our facility is integral to the recycling process and ultimately contributes to wider environmental sustainability. It’s of fundamental importance that our packaging is food safe and the deCON process, ensures that food safety standards are met without fail.”


This ethos is demonstrated perfectly in one of the company’s latest products to market, a ground-breaking rPET poultry split pack that offers portion control and helps to reduce food waste via a ‘snap pack’ design. The pack features two trays; one of which may be snapped off for use, whilst the remaining tray remains sealed.


“Our commitment to reducing packaging and food waste means that we should see more and more products entering a closedloop recycling process. In the future, companies such as ourselves and viscotec will be intrinsically linked in a perpetual cycle. That’s why our relationship is such an important one.”



Ana Fernandez

“The creation of our rPET trays begins with the supercleaning process and our rPET begins its journey with viscotec.”

Ana Fernandez


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