iV – intrinsic viscosity test
Viscotec’s technical center features a fully equippd laboratory to ensure the highest material quality. The viscoLAB offers customers the possibility to follow their material- and process quality continuously during the test runs and in the follow-up process. The viscoLAB provides the customers a variety of material testing services:

Identification of contaminants: “Roast test”

By heating up PET flake samples discoloration of its contaminants is achieved. Impurities like PVC, glue, polyolefins etc. can be optically detected and quantified.



iV – intrinsic viscosity measurement

Pre-dried PET flakes and pellets are melted and pressed with a defined pressure through a defined die at a certain temperature. The flow speed determines the iV value.



Surface moisture test

PET pellets or flakes are heated up to 160 °C so that the surface moisture vaporizes. The moisture content is calculated by relating the starting to the final weight of the sample.



GC – gas chromatographic analysis

Detection and quantification of the typical rPET substances Acetaldehyde (AA) and Limonene. A report including the chromatogram is provided.



Color test

Color measurement of rPET (amorphous PET after extrusion and/or crystalline PET after SSP) according to the L*a*b*- system. These three color values are decisive for the application.


The benefits of these services are a documented quality assessment acc. to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) with a regular quality control including a compact material analysis and structured report, which strengthens the customers position towards suppliers.



Your Benefits
  • documented quality assessment acc. to GMP
  • regular quality control
  • strengthening you position towards suppliers
  • compact material analysis and structured report



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