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viscotec - Food grade without compromise

solid state polycondensation (SSP) equipment viscoSTAR and deCON for PET pellets and flakes.

  • iV increase up to a value of 1.1 dl/g
  • Decontamination of post consumer material acc. to EFSA and FDA for direct food contact incl. hot fill applications
  • AA reduction to less than 1 ppm
  • Output moisture less than 50 ppm

viscoSHEET - Quality and flexibility without compromise

PET sheet line viscoSHEET

  • Virgin / In-house waste / skeletal / edge trim material- processable undried up to 100%
  • rPET can be added up to 100% during process
  • Very fast and flexible material or formulation changes during process
  • Optional PE-lamination in line; PET/PE scrap can be re-used



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