crystallizer cry20

crystallizer cry20

The module for crystallization, drying and dedusting.


cry20 is designed to process different types of material at the same time, e.g. PCR pellets, PCR bottle flakes, or in-house skeleton waste. 

cry20 benefits:

  • Low power consumption and maintenance
  • Excellent dedusting
  • Pellets and/or flakes processable
  • Integration of 2-component mixing
  • Intuitive and simple operation

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technical data

Main Data 
Crystallizing & drying of inhouse regrind/pellets [kg/h]1000/800
Pre-heating of bottle flakes/pellets*/inhouse regrind [kg/h]2000/1200/1000
Net volume [m3]2
Installed power [kVA]125
Energy consumption [kWh/kg]0.04-0.09
Output humidity [ppm]<200**

* Crystalline pellets 
** Depending on local relative humidity (optional dehumidified air dryer)  

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