sheet extrusion line


Quality and flexibility without compromise. Up to 100 % rPET and inhouse flakes processable at guaranteed iV-Levels for direct food contact.


viscoSHEET ensures outstanding flexibility in production with lowest energy consumption. Up to 100% rPET, in-house waste, and virgin can be processed at guaranteed iV levels.

The continuous gravimetric dosing unit guarantees fast and flexible material or formulation changes during production process. Despite high operability and ease of handling, the roll stack and the fully automatic winder are exceeding process and safety standards.

viscoSHEET benefits:

  • Entire solution – one supplier
  • No virgin material necessary
  • Immediate effect on recipe change
  • Master control panel – one software
  • Thickness range
  • viscotec as your partner

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sheet line process
  1. deCON
  2. gravimetric dosing
  3. main extruder
  4. backflush screen changer
  5. iVON
  6. automatic die
  7. auto dust seperation
  8. central vacuum for feeding
  9. vacuum pumps
  10. master control panel
  11. roll stack
  12. thickness measurement
  13. edge trim cutting
  14. fully automatic winder

  1. co extruder
  2. PE lamination
  3. inline color management
  4. edge trim granulator
  5. lay on system
  6. edge trim cutting
  • centerWINDER

    Winding quality and flexibility without compromise: single or multiple rolls, fully automatic roll handling...

  • centerWINDER

    ...highest safety standards, automatic shaft handling for one-man operation and wrapping mode for roll vendors

  • rollSTACK

    Direct torque drives for precise roll speed and synchronisation, consistent thickness and energy efficiency.

  • rollSTACK CAL1200 HC

    Automatic controllable rollstack for maximum throughput and excellent sheet surface quality. Maximized investment-to-output ratio.

technical data

Model*12001200 HC20002000 HC
Extruder Setup125/65145/65 (85)165/65 (85)215/85
Max. Etrusion Output**1200 kg/h1600 kg/h2000 kg/h3000 kg/h
Input Materials***PCR flaks, post-industrial regrind, pellets
Thickness range150-1800µm

upgrade your PET sheet line

A deCON in front, turns your conventional co-extrusion line into a fully food approved mono-sheet extrusion line – a bulletproof concept for upgrading existing lines to substantial market needs.


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