deCON - decontamination dryer for foodgrade flakes

deCON iV+

The established TRAY recycling solution.

Decontamination dryer for production of dry, iV increased, food grade flakes from bottles and trays, or skeleton waste directly in front of production extruder.

deCON iV+ benefits:

  • Decontamination of PCR flakes according to EFSA and FDA
  • iV increase dedicated for tray recycling
  • Excellent dedusting
  • Drying to below 50ppm
  • Controlled and consistent residence time (FIFO)
  • Superior color values


  1. stand alone
  2. in front of production extruder
    • Closing the loop in PET Thermoform Recycling 

      Intrinsic viscosity (iV) increase is a must for circularity. With deCON iV+ the iV loss during extrusion is recovered in every cycle.

    • Intrinsic viscosity (iV) increase is a must for circularity

      iV of post consumer tray material is considerably lower compared to bottles, with a difference of 10 to 12 points. For tray to tray recycling, it is required to keep the iV of sheet and the final thermoformed packaging above 0.6 dl/g.

    technical data

    Main DatadeCON 50 iV+deCON 75 iV+
    Max. output with flakes deCON mode1 [kg/h]*1000-12001800-2000
    Max. output with flakes iV+ mode2 [kg/h]* 500-700800-1000
    Net volume of reactor [m3]4.96.9
    Equipment height [m]8.69.3
    Floorspace [m]8.3 x 6.88.3 x 6.8
    Energy consumption [kWh/kg]*0.10-0.150.10-0.15
    Max. surface moisture of input material [%]11
    Output humidity [ppm]<50<50
    Food grade according toEFSA, FDAEFSA, FDA

    1) 1 hour residence time

    2) 2 hours residence time

    * Above table represents general technical data and average values, which depend on chemical composition, contamination, pelletizing, etc. of the pellets/flakes. Guaranteed values only after trial with customer material. The calculated electrical power rate refers only to the reactor and periphery of the reactor and depends on the output rate. We reserve the right of technical modifications.

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