Solid state polycondensation plant for iV increase and decontamination of polyester pellets and/or flakes to be used after a pelletizing extruder, stand alone, or in front of a production extruder.

viscoSTAR benefits:

  • Fast iV increase
  • Consistent and adjustable iV
  • Decontamination time
  • Continuous output
  • Superior color values
  • Low AA values

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viscoSTAR - PET decontamination and iV increase
  1. stand alone
  2. in combination with recycling extruder
  3. in front of production extruder

technical data

Max. output with pellets1 [kg/h]*16002000240032003200 
Max. output with flakes2 [kg/h]*120016002000-- 
Net volume of reactor [m3]*1215202535 
Equipment hight [m]11.312.514.514.716.2 
Floorspace [m]8x88x88x811x911x9 
High-vacuum system [mbar]

≤ 10

Energy consumption [kWh/kg]*0.06-0.15
iV increase pellets/flakes [dl/g/h]*0.01-0.04
Food grade according toEFSA, FDA, brand owner approvals

1) 6h residence time     2) 3h residence time     *Above table represents general technical data and average values, which depend on chemical composition, contamination, pelletizing, etc. of the pellets/flakes. Guaranteed values only after trial with customer material. The calculated electrical power rate refers only to the reactor and periphery of the reactor and depends on the output rate. We reserve the right of technical modifications.

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Plants installed

+6.1 % in the last 6 months


Installed capacity in tons

+8.1 % in the last 6 months

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