The Italian company CIER Srl, based in the picturesque town of Castellalto in the province of Teramo, has been operating as a plastics recycler and converter for over 25 years. As part of the the Di Giacinto Group, which includes many companies dedicated to recycling of different materials, the employees at CIER work every day for the higher goal of serving the environment. “CIER embodies what for us is the synthesis of the circular economy, a circular economy ‘from fridge to fridge’. We leave the fridges at home as a bottle of mineral water or soft drinks and return to the same fridges as a food tray or new bottle”, explains

Palmino Di Giacinto, CEO of CIER Srl.

Superclean rPET

“We recently installed a viscoSTAR 150 decontamination reactor, to increase our production capacity for supercleaning recycled post-consumer flakes and resins,” Di Giacinto says of his investment in the proven solid state polycondensation technology for recyclates of renowned Starlinger quality. “Every food and beverage packaging must be 100% safe for food contact. Therefore, we improve the material properties and at the same time we decontaminate the post-consumer material to the highest quality level.” Needless to say, these comply with the strict standards of the European Food Safety Authority efsa. CIER‘s production processes are also certified according to BRC GS, ISO 9001-2015, 14001-2015 and 4500a- 2018.



A united European recycled market

Palmino Di Giacinto‘s take on the current situation in Europe and the high demand for recyclates presents a positive outlook, even if he hopes for greater international clarity on the regulations. “The European recycled market is constantly growing and the environment benefits from it, but unfortunately outside Europe, especially in the east and south of the hemisphere, this is not the case and there is still a lot to do. We must also start thinking of Europe as a single nation. It is difficult to follow European directives when each of the 27 member states adopts different laws and regulations in the field of waste management and recycling. As long as we are faced with a managed scenario from different bureaucracies we will be forced to act on markets with a different level of competitiveness, in which, paradoxically, companies and nations with better technologies and know-how will always find themselves chasing”.



Operations at CIER are structured in three divisions, with a PE division that recycles film and containers to rHDPE and rLDPE resins, the rPET division for recycled resins that go into fibers, sheets and packaging, and a FOOD division for rPET resins for the use food packaging.

Today we are called to use plastics wisely, manufacturing and shaping it in order to make it non-invasive nor polluting. Man does not have to suffer the harm of his discoveries, but rather handle them fully respecting the environment and sustainable development.





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