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We provide entire rPET solutions for our customers and stand for long-term partnerships. We combine ongoing innovation and decades of experience. Our customers benefit both from the use of high-quality, innovative technologies, and from our many years of experience when it comes to materials, machinery, and markets. Choosing viscotec is a lucrative and future-proof investment.


We see ourselves as being committed to achieving the highest standards without exception. When it comes to safety, we set new standards, and we are committed to our customers by both the high level of flexibility we offer and through long-term partnerships. We strive to achieve the best solutions, both in terms of the environment and from an economic perspective.


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The backing of our owners, an international corporate group (founded in 1835), provides you with the assurance you need of our stable, long-term strategic direction.


Our highly motivated and skilled team provides you with rapidly-deployed, uncomplicated, customised solutions - which are also practical. viscotec technologies (we are a multiple patent holder for significant technologies) give you an extraordinary level of future-proofing, extreme flexibility, and unrivalled quality for the highest of demands.


This means that we stand side by side with your marketing and product experts, as a creative technology supplier, process engineering expert, and materials specialist. We make achieving your objectives our concern.

our capabilities

  1. High levels of safety on our plants: For you this means: fault-free production, low risk of injury, high levels of operating comfort, and – last but not least – low noise emissions and a high standard of cleanliness. This results in a sense of well-being and motivation for your employees both during operation and maintenance.

  2. Groundbreaking remote maintenance, diagnostic, and documentation system: Thanks to online support, you will reap benefits in the areas of process engineering, electrics, and mechanical systems, thereby increasing the long-term performance of your machines. This results in more direct support, rapid response times, as well as substantial cost and time-savings.
  3. Reduction in raw materials: Special developments for the sustainable use of packaging solutions, which make a substantial contribution to reducing CO2 emissions thanks to recycling. A reason with an impact for the future which is close to our heart and offers security for your investments.
  4. Knowledge and experience: When it comes to food safety, secondary raw materials, product development, QAS systems, recording and documentation, no-one puts one over on us. We score highly in these areas, and you benefit from our tried-and-tested solutions.

  5. While others just promises, we test it out: Our lab, which is also sought-after by outside companies, offers comprehensive documentation, inspection and testing facilities. You benefit from objectively verifiable results, so you can make more informed decisions, because numbers don't lie.
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