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Ireland and Scandinavia



Peter Macintosh has been working within the U.K. plastics sector for over a decade and during this time he also worked with viscotec equipment, which gave Peter a strong understanding of the commitment and dedication viscotec has toward PET processing. When looking for a change of career, he got the opportunity to represent viscotec within the U.K. and Irish market. With the U.K. truly leading global change on the perceptions toward the value of plastic and the desire to ensure the full utilization of this material for all of its outstanding credentials, Peter is confident that this is a key-market for the plastic recycling industry. Recently, Peter has also taking charge of Scandinavia, where he quickly wants to understand the markets and their differences to each other in order to assist producers and users of the packaging products regarding the increasing trends to reduce raw material utilization and to process as efficiently as possible.

+44 (0) 783-40-413-26


Colombia and Ecuador


Pentatrade is a Colombian company representing viscotec in Colombia and Ecuador. Carlos Cadavid, the owner and manager of this consulting agency, has worked in the field of plastics machinery for over 30 years and developed the market together with his son Sergio Cadavid in sales, working hand in hand with their customers to develop the best solutions. The key for Pentatrade’s success is collaboration and cooperation of the team, from technicians to salesmen, which create bridges from the ideas to the results.

+ 57-1-623-77-03


Russia and CIS countries


Gerhard Oßberger is responsible for the Russian and CIS region and started his consulting activities in 2014, when he moved from Austria to Russia. During this time the Russian ruble suddenly decreased by 250 % and selling investment goods was quite tedious back then. Since 2015, he has been representing viscotec and is managing all his tasks by himself. At the end of this year Gerhard is planning to hire a sales assistant because of the growing workload. Through the “Year of Ecology” announcement of Vladimir Putin in 2017, waste should not be buried anymore, but processed in the future. Other CIS countries seem to follow Russia in these beliefs, which causes a huge potential for recycling in this region.

+7 (985) 459-47-17



PT. Triputra Innovasijaya is an Indonesian consultant agency founded back in 1994 by Dr. Ing. Wiyu Wahono, a specialist in plastics technology and his brother Dr. Wowo Wahono, an expert in marketing and sales. As both are working in the sales of plastic processing machineries in the South Asian market the company is completed by two mechanic and electronic engineers who are responsible for after-sales-service. In their opinion plastic recycling as the future of the plastic industry and the transformation of 100 % post consumer recycled bottle flakes into food grade thermoformed packaging are long awaited breakthroughs. Beside that Triputra is aware that this technique opens a lot of new PET application possibilities as they are always looking for promising technologies.

+62 (21) 62-89-410


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