deCON - decontamination dryer for foodgrade flakes


Decontamination dryer for production of food grade flakes or skeleton waste directly in front of a production extruder.


deCON benefits:

  • Decontamination of PCR flakes according to EFSA and FDA
  • Controlled and consistent residence time (FIFO)
  • Excellent dedusting
  • Drying to below 50 ppm
  • Low power consumption and maintenance
  • Optional iV increase

Download Productsheet

  1. stand alone
  2. in front of production extruder
  3. optional crystalizer


technical data

Main Data506580
Max. output with flakes2 [kg/h]*12001200
Net volume of reactor [m3]
Installed power [kVA]*262287312
Energy consumption [kWh/kg]*0.10-0.150.10-0.150.10-0.15
Max. surface moisture of input material [%]111
Output humidity [ppm]<50<50<50
Food grade according toEFSA, FDAEFSA, FDAEFSA, FDA
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