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Somoplast was established by the Riachy family in 1980 in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. From the beginning of their path they were devoted to create innovative and high quality products. Their products vary from fruits & vegetables crates, irrigation pipes, water tanks, home & garden furniture and of course plastic packaging. By now, they are one of the biggest and leading manufacturers in the MENA area, Gulf countries and Mediterranean basin, by always striving for innovative products, manufactured according to the highest standards.

Alongside with the ISO-Certificate, they have acquired the British Retail Consortium BRC-Certificate ensuring best quality especially for food packaging items. Somoplast’s ongoing search for an outstanding service and excellence product quality finally ended up at viscotec. In addition to the endless expansion of our products and services to match our customer needs, Somoplast´s R&D department is continuously doing analysis for the completion of many projects in the near and far future, in order to stay ahead in the market while still serving existing customers at its best.


The decontamination efficiency of the deCON guarantees 100% food grade rPET sheet according to the strictest regulations worldwide including EFSA and FDA. Especially when exporting products to European countries, this is major advantage for future collaborations. Furthermore the deCON unit upgrades the quality of the input material by de-dusting and vacuum-drying the rPET flakes before extrusion. This results in highest transparency of the sheet, paired with high iV levels and allows manufacturing thickest sheet even with 100% rPET input material.


“The deCON and the viscoSHEET1800 line is the perfect combination, as it can work with a vast variety of input materials and achieves an outstanding final sheet. Even very thick sheet, for deep thermoformed cups, can be produced with 100% rPET content. The supporting software and easy handling of the installation guarantees fastest product changes and improves the flexibility of the production process.” says Mr. Habib Riachy, General Manager at Somoplast.

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The worldwide proofed concept of the deCON - decontamination dryer,
in combination with the most advanced rPET sheetline on the market, established a new standard in our region.

Habib Riachy

General Manager, Somoplast

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