deCON 20 - decontamination module for rPET flakes/pellets

deCON 20

The smart decontamination module designed to process different types of material even at the same time.


The deCON 20 is designed to process different types of material at the same time, e.g. PCR pellets, PCR bottle flakes, or in-house skeleton waste. The material is predryed, dedusted, and crystallized in the preheater and subsequently conveyed into the reactor vessel, where – under high vacuum during the dynavac treatment – the material is perfectly dried and decontaminated. It is even possible to increase the iV during the process.

deCON 20 benefits:

  • Pellets and/or flakes processable
  • Decontamination of PCR flakes according to EFSA and FDA
  • Excellent dedusting
  • Drying to below 50 ppm
  • Easy installation
  • Controlled and consistent residence time (FIFO)

Download Productsheet

  1. stand alone
  2. in front of production extruder

technical data

Main Data 
Max. output with flakes [kg/h]*400-500
Net volume of reactor [m3]2.6
Equipment height [m]3.1
Floorspace [m]5.8 x 2.2
Energy consumption [kWh/kg]*0.10-0.15
Max. surface moisture of input material [%]1
Output humidity [ppm]<50
Food grade according toEFSA, FDA

* Above table represents general technical data and average values, which depend on chemical composition, contamination, pelletizing, etc. of the pellets/flakes. Guaranteed values only after trial with customer material. The calculated electrical power rate refers only to the reactor and periphery of the reactor and depends on the output rate. We reserve the right of technical modification

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