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Starlinger viscotec technology stands for high degree of automatization, continuous development and improvement. The intensive contact with our customers, and the experience of more than 330 plants installed around the world are the base on which we developed new functions and solutions in many areas of our viscotec products.

Beyond the ongoing after sales service, we want every customer to benefit from the most recent developments, which were made since the installation of their line. Each customer is individual and also has different requirements to the equipment. We offer various upgrades for existing lines to save energy and costs, increase output, improve the process, enhance efficiency, or increase the longevity of the installation.


Leap forward with new features
“Possibilities for improvements range from small upgrades to major extensions,” explains Helmut Rabeder, Project Manager at Starlinger viscotec, and gives some examples: “The high capacity calender for the viscoSHEET line, the new vac1000 vacuum system, an additional co-extruder or the heat exchanger for the viscoSTAR.” All of these projects have already been installed and are running since. Each retrofit request is reviewed individually and tailored specifically to every customer.

Project management from start to finish

To identify unused potential or improvement possibilities of the customer’s plant, we offer to evaluate our customer’s current set-up to assess the benefits, costs and savings of potential improvements. Helmut Rabeder has worked as a process engineer for five years and knows viscotec plants practically inside out. He is the expert who handles each request, starting from the clarification of the technical aspects to the completion of the project.


Benefits from upgrading your viscotec plant

  • Save energy and costs
  • Increased output
  • Better production efficiency
  • Improved production stability
  • Increased longevity of installation

We offer various upgrades to improve the process, save energy and costs, or increase the longevity of the installation. I support each customer individually to identify unused potential and to leap forward.

Project Manager
Starlinger viscotec

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