Decontaminate high viscosity materials fast and efficiently with the new melt phase decontamination reactor.

Designed to produce recycled food grade resins from polyolefins and polystyrene or food grade, iV-increased recycled PET. Available as turn-key solution or as upgrade for your existing recycling extruder. 


ZERO contamination
Post-consumer recycled materials safe for direct food contact. Thanks to efficient decontamination and homogenisation of the material.


ZERO waste
Zero waste achieved through 100% recycling rate. viscoZERO recycles different types of high viscosity input materials.


ZERO odour
Efficient removal of high and low volatile odours. Results in pure and odour-less recyclate for demanding applications and packaging solutions.


ZERO limits
Zero limits for new business opportunities. Flexibility to process a wide range of input materials into resins of outstanding quality.

viscoZERO benefits:

  • Superclean post-consumer PP, PE, PS and PET
  • iV increase for PET
  • Odour removal
  • Spin finish removal


  1. stand alone
  2. in combination with recycling extruder
  3. recycling extruder
  4. pre-filtration
  5. melt pump
  6. start valve
  7. viscoZERO
  8. vacuum system / degassing
  9. melt pump
  10. screen changer
  11. viscometer

technical data

Max. output1,2 [kg/h]*400-800800-1600
Residence time from/to  [min]10-4015-40
Net volume of reactor [dm3]6001500
Equipment hight [m]2.22.2
Floorspace [m]5x36x4
High-vacuum system [mbar]

≤ 10

Energy consumption [kWh/kg]0.03-0.05
iV increase PET3 [dl/g/min]0.004-0.007
Food grade according toFDA pending


1) depending on material (PET, PP, PE, PS) and residence time    
2) recommended residence time 20 minutes   
3) iV increase equals 0.08 - 0.15 dl/g per 20 minutes
Above table represents general technical data and average values. We reserve the right of technical modifications.

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