Lamiempaques makes an impact with r-PET monotrays


The Colombian company Lamiempaques is a family-owned business established in 2001. Their philosophy of ensuring a positive impact on our earth has been a perfect match with viscotec’s rPET technology. Cristina Vasquez Monsalve, General Manager at Lamiempaques, explains: “Lamiempaques has always wanted to provide its customers with thermoformed, environmentally sustainable packaging made from 100% recycled PET sheet suitable for contact with food. We found in viscotec the perfect
technology that has allowed us to achieve it with better profitability and quality.”


First viscoSHEET line in Colombia

Six years ago, Lamiempaques invested in deCON20 equipment which allows them to work with recycled PET for sheet and packaging which is safe for food contact. Now, they decided for the next step in terms of technology: the new extrusion line viscoSHEETone allows them to produce rPET sheet of highest quality.

Positive reputation for plastics

Lamiempaques’ customers, e.g. brand owners, know that recycled PET is the sustainable alternative that so many conscious consumers require and look for. The trays, containers, and boxes produced by Lamiempaques are designed for recycling because they are made from a single layer, so they consist of one single material: 100% rPET.


Food grade packaging made from 100% rPET

The super-cleaning of the recycled materials is the decisive advance in technology for Lamiempaques. Other manufacturers who do not dispose of this  decontamination technology by Starlinger do not have the advantage of producing sheet made from 100% recycled material in food contact quality. Those thus have to use layers of virgin material to cover the recycled PET which is not decontaminated (they opt for a A/B/A structure). 

In contrast, Lamiempaques is the first and only company in Colombia that is preparing the post-consumer PET material with a deCON unit. After the pre-treatment, the material is pure and safe for food contact even before the material enters the extrusion line. The result? Sheet of highest quality, transparency and intrinsic viscosity (iV). 


Taking care of mechanical properties

To invest in a viscoSHEET line for the extrusion process, proved to be the right decision. “With the deCON and the extrusion line viscoSHEET, we take care of the intrinsic viscosity level during the whole process.” explains Juan Carlos Ocampo. “In this way, we can maintain the good mechanical properties of PET during extrusion and for the subsequent process, thermoforming.”

We are relieved to deliver packaging with the highest standards for the food industry, thanks to the super cleaning technology of viscotec.


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