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Severn Valley Polymers was established in May 2018 and is based in South West, United Kingdom. The production area occupies 1500m² and is dedicated to the future growth of the business. Recently phase 1 of the new startup was completed with the installation of a Solid State Polycondensation plant for iV enhancement and EFSA compliance of PCR and post-industrial PET flakes and pellets. With the much needed development of the circular economy and significant market change, many challenges are facing the PET industry.
Severn Valley factory in South West, United Kingdom

The more types of packaging that arrive in the recovery stream, the lower the iV (intrinsic viscosity) will become in the PCR material. Severn Valley Polymers is keeping up with these new challenges. “The average iV of PCR flakes in the market will drop in the future. This will have an impact on post-industrial materials like sheet skeletal waste as well. We want to provide a solution to the market to recover the properties of these materials”, says Trent Ward, Director of Severn Valley Polymers.


With the equipment provided from Starlinger viscotec, Severn Valley Polymers is able to provide iV enhancement and EFSA compliant services to the PET flakes and pellets industry in the UK and Ireland. According to Trent, A/B/A structure in PET sheet production and thermoforming can also be replaced by the material Severn Valley offers to the market. The use of virgin material as so called “capping layers” will not be relevant any longer. As an effect, the carbon footprint can be reduced essentially by the use of 100% recycled material Severn Valley will supply. The iV of degraded skeletal waste will be recovered and can be reused again for the same type of application. Otherwise this material has to be used for lower grade applications. “We chose Starlinger viscotec as a partner, because of the full package they offer as well as the latest state of the art technology. Their young and inspiring team offers significant capabilities. Know-how in recycling, materials, markets, and trends complete the picture for a real partnership“, says Trent Ward. A rewarding partnership on all levels between the two companies.


"Providing services to the PET industry, with excelling standards for compliance and approval, to help deliver the circular economy."




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