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Lamina Industria Plastica is a Brazilian company and producer of high quality PET-sheet, located in Caixas do Sul, around 130 kilometers north of Porto Alegre. Modern equipment and the constant search for quality are its driving forces for high class PET sheet solutions. With investments in the latest technology LAMINA is aware about producing recycled or virgin PET sheet within highest quality standard, to assure maximum customer satisfaction.
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from lef t to right: Nestor Piccoli and Mauricio Pagno (owner) of Lamina Industria Plastica in front of their new deCON 20

„Culturally, the Brazilian sheet market is known for yellowish PET sheets,“ says Nestor Piccoli, owner of Lamina Industria Plastica. „The sheets always have had poor transparency“. Bad quality of PET flakes and machinery are the main factors for this deficiency. To become the biggest reference in sheets and thermoformed packages in Latin America is one of future goals of the family owned organization and therefore it has been necessary to invest in the best technology available to improve the quality of the PET sheets and packages.


viscotec‘s equipment gives Lamina the ability to produce 100 % recycled PET sheets, and to attend all of their need for food grade material. Furthermore, it helps Lamina to increase quality, transparency, and viscosity, which makes the final product more resistant and easier to work within the downstream process. With the capacity of 500 tons PET sheet per month, companies like Lamina are essential for the supply chain formed by recycled materials and an important contributor that discarded bottles can be reused again in terms of food grade packages, furniture, and other kinds of packages. Lamina is an important employer in the region as they employ nearly 100 workers directly, mostly part of the poor neighborhood where the factory is located. But also people, who supply Lamina with discarded bottles can make a living.


"viscotec’s people gave us support in all phases of the project, and were the deciding factors to cooperate as business partners."



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