Tray-to-Tray PET Recycling pioneers in Poland


What is circularity?

Circularity means, that the product can be recycled into the same product again after use. This requires Design for TRUE Recycling.


Tray-to-tray recycling

Tray-to-tray recycling is the current challenge, which many European companies want to address. The European Union’s targets for more recycled content in packaging drive the demand and prices for bottle flakes, and therefore other flake sources, such as tray flakes, are required.


In Poland, 40% of plastic waste lands on landfills while in the EU the average is 25%, and in the leading countries such as Germany, Switzerland is less than 1%. Zero landfilling is needed, to achieve the circular economy of plastics.


Pioneers from Poland

T&R Bioeko, located in Wroclaw, Poland, are passionate for recycling and contribute to accomplish this goal. “Thanks to the recycling of 1 ton of PET bottles, we save 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions,” reports Tomasz Termanowski, President of T&R Bioeko.


With their new installation, they go a step further and recycle thermoformed packaging waste into food-grade rPET sheet. To achieve highest optical appearance and mechanical properties, Bioeko prepares PET tray flakes for the recycling loop prior to the extrusion with the deCON iV+ and extrude with viscoSHEET. The compact unit upcycles rPET by increasing the intrinsic viscosity, and supercleans rPET for food contact.


„The line is flexible and addresses both today‘s issues of rPET as well as the future requirements of tray-to-tray manufacturing.“ says Termanowski „Our customers benefit from our offer of good quality, real and true 100% rPET sheet from waste AND we can recycle this again and again.“

The technical possibilities, the quality of the machine as well as the great results of the demonstration runs absolutely convinced us that viscoSHEET is the right solution for our purposes.



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