deCON - decontamination dryer for foodgrade flakes
Besides the iV increase and/or decontamination of PET flakes and pellets, our viscoSTARs and deCONs show outstanding properties for the reduction of volatile substances present in virgin or recycled polyolefin and polystyrene flakes or pellets.

viscotec already got rewarded by FDA with a non objection letter for the direct food contact for HDPE flakes coming from milk and orange juice bottles in 2012 and multiple reactors are already installed for that purpose.


The direct food contact of recycled plastics other than PET usually fails due to the control of the input stream which, according to FDA and EFSA, has to be originally used for food applications. This circumstance makes it very difficult for recycling logistics. During multiple tests over the last years with PP, LDPE, LLDPE, PS, etc. we found out that the treatment of flakes or pellets in our reactor under increased temperatures and vacuum reduces the volatile components of plastics very efficiently at relatively low temperatures far below the melting point in short time.


This reduction of volatile components results for example in the reduction of the plastics odor. The absence of odor opens new markets for recycled materials, such as detergent bottles, or opens new possibilities for virgin materials, e.g. in car interiors. Some of us now might think that nothing smells better than a new car, but we have learned that for some this smell is not wanted.



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