Ovotherm’s deCON system for the ASEAN market


Honest committment to recycled material: Since 1969, Ovotherm has grown as a privately-owned Austrian company into the world‘s leading supplier clear egg packs with customers in 65 countries.


The global packaging supplier is committed to delivering perfect packaging that has the least possible impact on the environment. For this reason, the egg packs by ovotherm are made from 100% recycled material, are 100% recyclable, and 100% of the leftovers are immediately reused in the process. The use of monomaterial without colors and additives makes it possible for the used packaging to be recovered and fully recycled again – a great example of the application of the “Design for Recycling” principles.

We spoke to Franz Hofer, CEO of ovotherm, about the reasons for installing an rPET decontamination unit at the Malaysian production site. “We want to offer the same high product quality to all our customers worldwide. It was the logical step for us to incorporate the process of decontaminating the recycled PET flakes into our own value creation process,” said Hofer, adding: “We have already had good experience with the deCON system in other manufacturing plants.”


The deCON 50 system gives ovotherm the ability to produce 100% food safe rPET flakes for the production of their wide range of egg packaging solutions. “Due to the ongoing disruption in the global logistics chain, we decided to move closer to our customers. Out of our site in Malaysia, we aim to supply to all the ASEAN countries. With the initial annual production capacity, we will be able to manufacture egg packs for approximately 600-700 million eggs.”


Ovotherm has a pioneering role in implementing the goals of the circular economy. To close the recycling loop for food packaging it is of course necessary for all players in the value chain to work together. This topic is high on the agenda of both companies, Ovotherm and Starlinger. Therefore, both are members of the Austrian platform “Packaging with Future“ (Verpackung mit Zukunft), which aims to involve consumers and motivate them to actively contribute to a closed plastic recycling loop.

It was the logical step for us to incorporate the rPET flake decontamination process into our own value creation process.


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