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Invema Group, new customer of Starlinger recycling technology and viscotec is nothing less than a Honduran picture-book company. Its story is fascinating, successful and a perfect example for a sustainable business. Economic and social development as well as environmental protection are perfectly realized.
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Economic development

Starting in the early nineties with two employees and the collection of aluminum beverage cans, Invema has consequently been growing. It is now counting 385 people and is a recycling center for all kinds of non-organic waste. 12,000 tons of waste are processed each month, a sixth of it being PET bottles. “We strive in investing in the most modern technology to be able to process and trade scrap in the most efficient way.” says George Gatlin, General Director of Invema Group. Last year Invema invested in a Starlinger bottle to bottle line, producing 8,000 tons of regranulate yearly. “Deliver to our customers on time with quality they can trust” is George Gatlin’s daily goal. That Invema delivers its rPET pellets to Coca Cola proves that the investment in a Starlinger bottle to bottle line was the right decision to fulfil this objective. Not enough about that, the next Starlinger machine will be set up soon. As a a second part of the huge investment, George Gatlin goes for the production of food grade rPET sheet and amplifies his machine park with a viscoSHEET rPET extrusion line and a deCON flake decontamination reactor in front for 100% food grade without compromise.


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Social development

Gatlin built up a national collection network where people of any age, level of education or gender are compensated equally and fairly. Suppliers also take part in what Gatlin calls the Invema Recycling Club, where they earn points for every kilo they bring, thus being able to have the chance to win education scholarships, health insurance, home furniture and appliances, as well as cash. Invema also has a monthly education program for suppliers, where they can learn financial stability, thus guaranteeing their continued growth.


Environmental protection

Thanks to Gatlin and his efforts the collection rate for PET bottles in Honduras is now 84%. This is much higher than the European average. But not only PET is collected, Invema collects all types of plastics, metal, paper, and electronic scrap through approximately 8000 suppliers, paying about USD 200,000 daily. Thanks to this effort all this waste avoids ending up in landfills.


Today Invema has completed as well one of the largest solar panel electric generation in Latin America, producing through 5,240 solar panels about 2 megawatts of electricity, which is approximately a 40 % saving in their electric consumption.


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"I believe recycling in Central America, besides cleaning up the environment, is a clear solution out of poverty by providing jobs to thousands of people of any age, level of education, or gender. Through our investments in the best recycling technologies we guarantee our suppliers the best efficiency and value."






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