Marmara PET


With the installation of a deCON supercleaning unit at Marmara PET Levha’s production site near Istanbul, Turkey, two debuts were celebrated at the same time.

The company is the first Turkish sheet manufacturer to produce food-grade rPET according to EFSA and FDA standards, and the plant is one of the first that has been installed remotely by Starlinger viscotec.


rPET sheet in Turkey

Marmara PET is a leading manufacturer of PET sheet in Turkey. In 2018, the company moved to a new facility and extended the sheet production capacity to 24,000 tons annually. With the recent investment in a deCON decontamination unit, Marmara PET Levha upgraded its sheet production to European and US food-grade standards. A strong benefit, that enables growth in new markets and sustainable packaging. They serve industries like food packaging, textile, advertising and automotive. Food packaging is the main sector for Marmara PET Levha. Marmara PET’s customers value the food safety, high transparency and recyclability of their products. The new deCON will boost the sheet quality in regards to food safety, optical appearance and mechanical properties to a new level.


Food grade quality for export

Currently, the PET products go to customers in Turkey and export mainly to Europe and the US. Şevket Karagöz, CEO of Marmara Pet Levha, expects an increase in exports and is confident to realize this with the new, outstanding standards of their products. The production site holds the ‘BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging materials’ certificate, which proves high standards in quality. With the newly installed deCON, Marmara PET Levha going even further and is the first Turkish sheet manufacturer to produce food-grade rPET sheet compliant with EFSA and FDA regulations for food safety. Starlinger viscotec supercleaning technology is the key to food grade quality of recycled PET. Benefits for the production process are the intrinsic viscosity (iV) increase, excellent dedusting, higher throughput and food grade quality of processed the material.


First remote Installation of deCON

The technicians of Marmara PET and Starlinger viscotec did an outstanding team work job when they installed the deCON plant remotely. The COVID-19 situation in spring 2020, with the lockdown and travel restriction in Europe, prevented an immediate on-site installation. Communication via multimedia, video calls, and screen sharing, enabled the technicians to jointly install and start-up the plant, despite physical distance. Viscotec launched and controlled the software via remote access and trained the operators in Turkey from distance. The challenging circumstances proved again, that viscotec is not just marketing Industry 4.0, but living it to the highest extend.

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Thanks to the remote installation of the plant, we were able to start production even in the challenging situation of COVID-19.



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