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Pinaform is a subdivision of the family owned VINILOS group. Based in the southeast of Zaragoza, Spain with an industrial site of around 75 000 square meters the present production capacity amounts to 8,000 tons / year. 

Mainly allocated to the manufacturing of disposable or single-use tableware, Pinaform is also supplying 1,1 billion glasses per year of different capacities to their customers in the field of hostelry and hospitals.


Work, perseverance and discipline are the main factors of success. Every day Pinaform is striving to give their best to clients in order to provide a good product with friendly service to meet all customer needs. Sustainability is the principal credo from the Spanish packaging producer, not only in an environmental but also in a strategic, economic and social sense deep-seated in the corporate culture. Due to consumer preferences and environmental consciousness, the type of plastic used in packaging is becoming a pretty delicate matter today. As part of their sustainable material programs many organizations are eliminating packaging materials with a lack of recyclability and/or existing recycling streams. According to massive drawbacks in recycling of PS/EPS the demand for this type of material is decreasing through the last years in many sectors, while PET is growing further as a sustainable and important alternative for other packaging applications.


The current market development caused Pinaform to transform part of their present product portfolio into PET. Starlinger viscotec was the right partner to support Pinaform in 2018 by providing a deCON and viscoSHEET. This production line is used for the manufacture 100% recycled PET, that provides maximum flexibility and is able to match all sustainability goals of Pinaform.


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"Starlinger viscotec provides us with technology, experience and expertise we need to perform the transition into rPET applications within a very short time frame."



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