Al Baraka pack is a newly established packaging company based in Cairo, Egypt. With more than 17 years of experience in the production of PET and packaging solutions in Aleppo, Syria, the company decided to open a new branch in Egypt and transfer all its knowledge to the new company.


Albaraka Pack runs a Starlinger viscotec viscoSHEET line
Installation of the viscoSHEET line in 2023

Al Baraka pack runs two production plants with a total area of more than 40,000 square meters. Starting in 2023, the company produces thermoformed products for the packaging industry for the domestic market and export. Right from the start, the company invested in the best equipment available on the market to produce top-notch PET sheet.


Maximum investment-to output ratio 
viscoSHEET lines are fully automated, simple to operate, energy-efficient and efficient in terms of material use. Al Baraka pack’s extrusion line is equipped with an automatically controllable roll stack, which ensures maximum throughput and excellent sheet surface quality. The automatic winder handles single and multiple rolls and accounts for high flexibility, efficiency and maximum safety.


„Egypt is a competitive market for extruded sheet and thermoformed products and a major producer in the entire MENA region and Europe. Hightech equipment is a must-have to unlock the potential in the market enabling our customers to produce top quality products at competitive prices.“ tells Shady Haggag, viscotec‘s sales representative in Egypt.


The new subsidiary in Egypt has been established with the vision, to provide reliable and durable products with innovative solutions for food packaging, while keeping in mind the environment and recycling. „The outstanding specifications of the machines are the main reason why we chose viscotec. Moreover, Starlinger has a great reputation for after-sales service, which encourages us as investors and builds a trusting relationship.”

The Egyptian market is a promising market and requires the application of the latest technology.


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