viscoLAB: PET sheet shredder


Four students from the Higher Technical Institute Neufelden in Upper Austria developed a new device in collaboration with viscotec's Engineering department. The PET sheet shredder precisely cuts quality samples of rPET sheet. Both the students and viscotec benefit from the joint project and the accompanying vocational training.


Starlinger viscotec machines produce superclean rPET resin and sheet from recycled PET beverage bottles. Before the sheet is thermoformed into finished packaging, like trays to pack fresh fruit or salad, the producer checks food-grade compliance and material properties. High intrinsic viscosity is crucial when processing PET sheet (read more about IV). For this important quality control, the “PET sheet shredder" is now used in the Starlinger viscotec laboratory, a device that was developed together with students of a local school for automation technology. The result speaks for itself and proves the exceptional value that arises from the cooperation between educational institutions and corporations.

Jonas Höfer, Patrick Rauch, Maximilian Stallinger and David Pusch worked over 1,200 hours in the 14-month project. Their teacher Mr. Hubert Felhofer supervised and supported the students. The team implemented the requirements of viscotec excellently and developed a mobile, simple and space-saving device that precisely shreds sheet samples. The pupils demonstrated their technical competence and project management skills in all project phases from brainstorming, construction, implementation to testing. During the project, the students did a four-week internship at Starlinger viscotec, where they completed the construction of the machine. 

“The finished laboratory device has been in use at viscotec since April 2020 and can be brought to customers by our technicians," reports Stefan Wolkerstorfer, product manager at viscotec. The PET sheet shredder is a valuable addition to the viscoLAB, that offers material testing services and professional training to our customers to ensure precise measurement and quality control.

viscoLAB material testing services - details 


Congratulations to the project team, who won the second prize with the diploma project "PET sheet shredder" - an award by JKEngineering


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