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The German recycling company STF Group already runs three solid-state polycondensation (SSP) plants from Starlinger at their recycling venues. In the recycling industry, the STF Group is known as one of the leading European recycling firms. Lately, the fourth and even bigger “viscoSTAR” has been installed to further increase their capacity to produce high-quality rPET granulate.



More capacity at better quality

The new SSP plant is used after an existing recycling pelletizing extruder to enhance the quality of the PET pellets. The decision to spend 1.5 million euros to upgrade their plant makes perfect sense for STF Group in two respects. By installing the viscoSTAR plant, STF invested in technology which they know and trust in. Perhaps more importantly, the installation allows producing more at the same time with superior results. “Our renown customers in the food industry worldwide appreciate the high quality of our rPET resin”, outlines Stephan Gschwendtner, the production manager. 

Absolutely superclean granules 

Maximilian Söllner, Managing Director of STF Recycling GmbH, shares his view on the benefits of the solid-state polycondensation technology from Starlinger viscotec to maximize quality. “With the SSP we can further increase the intrinsic viscosity of PET on the one hand. For the customer, this means that they can use our material to manufacture very light bottles, for which they require only a small amount of raw material, ”continues the 22-year-old. “On the other hand, volatile substances that arise during the plastic recycling process are optimally decontaminated. The result is that we get absolutely superclean granules that exceed the highest standards in the food industry.”


STF targets further growth  

Along with the upgrade of the recycling plant, STF also achieves to grow its pelletizing capacity, simply by adding the viscoSTAR to the original set-up of the plant. The new production process allows using the full capacity of the preceding extruder and thus, achieves higher output. As of now, 35,000 tons of food-grade granules can be produced annually in the plant in Aicha vorm Wald. Maximilian Söllner makes clear, that STF targets heavy growth. "By 2021, we want to increase our output to 50,000 tons annually.”

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With the solid-state polycondensation technology we get absolutely super-clean granules that exceed the highest standards in the food industry.

Maximilian Söllner

Managing director, stf recycling gmbh 

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