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Verdeco Recycling, Inc. is a California-based company committed to producing high-quality recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) material for use in food packaging and other high-value applications. In the summer of 2012, Verdeco Recycling opened a brand new facility in South Gate, CA to produce FDA-approved, food-grade recycled PET.


Ever since the first PET bottle was produced, PET consumption has been steadily growing and billions of plastic containers are produced and used by customers annually. Proper disposition of post-consumer PET bottles is a big and growing concern. Simply throwing used containers into landfills or exporting them is not a viable option and would be a tremendous waste of natural resources.


Verdeco strongly believes that responsible plastics recycling is an integral part of sustainable development and is an area where the U.S. should lead the world. They encourage use of recycled materials as a responsible way of saving natural resources and protecting our planet for future generations.


In 2019 Verdeco decided to upgrade their existing pelletizing operations in the South Gate, California and Terre Haute, Indiana with Starlinger viscotec Solid State Polycondensation technology. Both sites have an installed yearly transformation capacity of 50 Mio lbs.  Being one of the biggest PET Recycler in US and supplying a substantial amount to the US beverage industry.


“Fast lift of intrinsic viscosity and extremely efficient super-cleaning was needed to upgrade our existing installations was the challenge we had to overcome. The viscoSTAR Solid State Polycondensation plants provided by Startlinger viscotec outmatched our expectations”, says John Bussey Director of Engineering in South Gate.

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Consequences of a too low iV:
  • low mechanical properties
  • low thermal stability
  • cracking of packaging
  • sharp edges of product


The main parameters influencing the iV increase of PET are:
  • material temperature residence
  • time under vacuum
  • material size/type

viscoSTAR Solid State Polycondensation plants provided by Starlinger viscotec outmatched our expectations.

John Bussey

Director of Engineering,
Verdeco Recycling Inc.

Starlinger viscotec’s technology has been proven during more than 15 years in Bottle-to-Bottle industry. This was one of deciding factors for Verdeco Recycling.

Boris Ofer

Chief Operations Officer,
Verdeco Recycling Inc.


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