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Solid packaging products for different market segments, this is the business of Polish manufacturer Marcato.


They are producing hard-coated films for thermoforming on state of the art extrusion lines and a broad range of materials is offered: PS, PP, PP/PE, PET and PET/PE as single layer films or multi- layer structures including EVOH barrier films. These transparent or colored films are available at thicknesses from 150 microns to 2 millimeters, depending on the type of material.

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Marcato produces also food packaging trays for eggs, meat, fruits, vegetables, as well as salad containers. Thanks to their latest investment, food grade rPET containers will also soon be a part of Marcato’s product range.


Their new decontamination unit from viscotec will feed two extrusion lines with food grade and iV increased rPET flakes. Hence, when it comes to upgrade post-consumer materials and producing high standard packaging products out of it, Marcato is one of the most pro-active converters in Poland.


The main advantage of using the viscotec line is the increased usage of rPET in the film’s middle layer. On the one hand this is related to the fact that rPET obtained by a solid state polycondensation process is characterized by an increased iV, which improves mechanical film properties and is especially useful when producing CPET or foamed packaging. Also, rPET obtained by viscotec’s decontamination process increases food safety by eliminating the risk of potential material contamination from the film’s middle layer. viscotec technology ensures 100 % clean rPET material!


Furthermore, the reduction of the rPET’s moisture content helps to stabilize and increase the productivity of the extrusion process. In the nearest future Marcato is planning to produce monolayer films (without external layers) made of 100 % safe food grade post-consumer rPET flakes thanks to their EFSA application.




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"Marcato will produce monolayer films made of 100% safe food grade post-consumer rPET flakes."



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