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ANL Plastics was founded in 1938 and is an innovative manufacturer of thermoformed packaging solutions for various food and non-food sectors. Quality is key at ANL Plastics. ANL achieves its high quality standards by continuously improving its manufacturing processes and applying innovative solutions delivered by viscotec.


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ANL Plastics' comittment to sustainability. Deliver more value at a reduced footprint.

For their production, ANL uses different materials such as PP, PS, PET and HDPE. A key success driver of ANL Plastics is their flexibility to adapt to the widely varying needs of its customers.


In recent years, ANL Plastics placed great emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly production processes in their three manufacturing plants in Belgium, Poland and France. As a consequence, state-of-the-art technology delivered by Starlinger viscotec and the long-term strategy of ANL complement each other perfectly. The future-proof technologies of viscotec‘ s viscoSTAR 120 Solid State Polycondensation Plant (SSP) combined with a viscoSHEET PET sheet line fit perfectly to meet future challenges.


The decontamination process of the viscoSTAR fullfills the strict regulations in terms of foodgrade quality worldwide. As a consequence, foodgrade products can be manufactured out of 100% post-consumer material. This enables packaging producers to gain a competitive advantage due to significant cost-savings because of lower raw material costs. Furthermore, the viscoSTAR upgrades the quality of the input material by increasing its iV (intrinsic viscosity) during the process which subsequently leads to high quality end-products. The technologies meet the demand of flexible and agile production processes which allows to react quickly to customer needs. To summarise: viscotec technology enables ANL to manufacture new products and tap into entirely new market segments.

"Starlinger viscotec delivers future-proof solutions for each challenge."




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