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BPCL worth out of waste
As Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries on earth, there are increasing problems of waste management, especially in larger cities like Dhaka, one of the most polluted cities on our planet. Bangladesh Petrochemical Company Limited (BPCL) is pioneering the concept of creating worth out of waste in Bangladesh by being the leading post-consumer PET bottle recycling plant of the nation. Starting its operation in July 2012, BPCL has set up a plant that is capable of producing 10,000 metric tons (MT) of recycled PET resin per year using used PET bottles as raw material.

BPCL is a company with an environmental commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emission and a social commitment to improve the life of waste pickers. Besides the reduction of municipal solid waste with the savings of 93,000 m3 of landfill space and 15,000 MT of PET bottles getting otherwise dumped, the company also contributes to the demand reduction for virgin PET. In addition BPCL is reducing 13,500 kg of CO2 emissions every year.


Furthermore, the company is helping waste pickers to create job opportunities for more than 300 urban slum dwellers, alleviating poverty, changing the way the public sees this group of workers, but above all changing the way the waste collectors see themselves. Therefore waste pickers are able to advocate for their fair wages and change the standard of living for their families and themselves. In addition, also the supply chain of BPCL is affected as they provide an income to approximately 50,000 people by producing worth of discarded PET bottles.


With the innovative viscotec technology BPCL is able to produce high quality resin with the target iV and decontamination of the material at low temperatures and retention time. Such features are hard to imagine without the Starlinger innovations. Also the sales team maintains close contact with their costumers to provide them with innovative techniques and solutions. BPCL’s and viscotec’s philosophy is to provide the customer high quality food grade PET resin. Both companies have a strong environmental commitment to lessen greenhouse emission and to create worth out of waste.




"Starlinger technology helped us to reduce CO2 emissions by recycling discarded bottles in an efficient way."




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