EcoBlue: first viscoSTAR in Thailand


EcoBlue Ltd. is the first company in Thailand to install a viscoSTAR solid state polycondensation (SSP) plant. With this recent investment, EcoBlue will increase their capacity for their food contact bottle grade rPET resin to 15,000 tons per annum. The SSP technology is a leap forward for the bottle-to-bottle recycling business, which is one of the main priorities of the company.


Circularity of Resources for South East Asia 

From the beginning, EcoBlue has focused on finding innovative recycling solutions for many kinds of packaging wastes, some of which are its patented technologies. It works towards Circularity of Resources by bringing in difficult to recycle materials, like coated films and laminates, in the recycling stream, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills. 


Providing sustainable recycled resin to brand owners for reducing their carbon footprint 

EcoBlue has developed unique capabilities to produce high-quality rPET, rPP, and rHDPE from post-consumer and industrial waste, providing a  sustainable substitute to virgin resin. It is EcoBlue’s commitment towards sustainability to not only provide high-quality recycled resin that can help reduce the carbon footprint of conscious organizations, but to also ensure that it is produced in safe and equitable working conditions with no harmful impact of production to people and the environment.

According to Mr. Pranay Jain, founder and CEO of EcoBlue Ltd., “In anticipation of increased commitments of organisations towards sustainability, EcoBlue has invested 25 million US Dollars to set up a new world-class recycling facility with the very best technologies for PET and Polyolefins recycling. By having Starlinger as a technology partner and by adding viscoSTAR in our capabilities, we will ensure that we can provide consistent and high-quality bottle grade rPET to our customers.”


Food Grade rPET made from certified 100% PCR waste

EcoBlue is Thailand’s first recycling company to receive the Letter of No Objection by the US FDA for its 3D Pure rPET for use in food contact applications. The decontamination technology of the newly acquired viscoSTAR equipment exceeds highest food-grade standards and will enable EcoBlue to provide superior quality rPET resin for bottle application. EcoBlue’s 3D Pure rPET can be traced back to 100% post-consumer PET waste material through its Global Recycled Standard Certification process.


By adding viscoSTAR in our capabilities, we will ensure that we can provide consistent and high-quality bottle grade rPET to our customers.


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