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DY Polymers, a Korean recycling company, bought the first viscotec SSP reactor, a viscoSTAR 120, in the country. According to Mr. Kim, CEO of the company, DY will hugely benefit from the technology due to numerous motivations. “First of all we not only need high viscosity pellets for our strapping business, we also plan to sell the material to the food-packaging industry. The viscotec technology is an easy to handle system while delivering supreme quality in terms of iV and food-safety at a comparatively low power consumption.


A further major deciding factor for us was the low number of operators to run the reactor. And with the accompanying LNO of the FDA, the viscoSTAR 120 also gives DY the capability to go into the bottle-to-bottle business in the future.”


Further to the production benefits of the viscoSTAR, South Korea introduced a new law according to which every plastics manufacturer has to pay a tax for envi- ronmental charges. With the recycling capability of the viscoSTAR these indirect manufacturing costs are hugely reduced and will strengthen the overall position of DY’s mother company in this competitive market, which is one of the major goals of the company strategy.

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