Avoncourt has been successfully supplying the needs of a demanding industry for over 35 years. Open and direct communication, an understanding of their customers’ business and knowledge of the ever changing marketplace is essential in delivering quality and value every day. This congruent philosophy of how to make business is the perfect base for a sustainable partnership of Avoncourt and Starlinger viscotec.

Supplying leading food processors and brands for over 40 years.

A solid, dependable, long term partner. Solidly financed, family owned and run. 


Leading Supplier of Thermoformed Packaging

After modest beginnings in 1973 Avoncourt has grown to become a leading supplier of thermoformed packaging to manufacturers across UK, Ireland and Europe. Consistently investing in the latest production methods, design and logistics as well as keeping up with the latest developments in materials, legislation and environmental issues, such a recycling, is Avoncourt’s way to stay on top.


Large Range of Plastic Packaging

Being a thermoformed packaging expert, Avoncourt is producing a comprehensive range of high quality food grade packaging for Bakery, Salads, shelf ready trays and non-food applications. The most commonly used material is rPET, which is functional, durable and made with a large proportion of PCR material. That way Avoncourt is able to meet ambitious internal sustainability goals, as well as the ones of their customers. This together with highest packaging requirements in all aspects can be realized with the technology package provided from Starlinger viscotec.


Supplying a wide Range of Industry Sectors

Avoncourt are supplying to a great variety of customers across the industry and are especially proud to see their trays in the shelves of all major retailers, including some well-known world-wide brands, artisan producers and Chocolatiers.


Flexibility, Speed, Unrivalled Technical Knowledge

The family owned company is continuously investing in people, equipment and training to ensure the very best product and service to their customers. They pride themselves in flexibility, speed, unrivaled technical knowledge and understanding of their clients needs. Avoncourt utilizes the latest precision manufacturing, materials and first in class research and development. This flexibility is supported by the Starlinger viscotec deCON and viscoSHEET technology as a perfect match.


Changing Market

When the decision to move into extrusion was made in 2016, the main driver was
flexibility to produce in-house and a strong commercial pay-back. Over the
space of 18 months, the focus shifted towards being able to offer a more
sustainable material with higher PCW content and fully recyclable in turn.
We chose viscotec as our partner as it would enable us to be able to offer
100% recycled food grade material to our customers with a consistent quality
as well as meeting our commercial targets. The line was installed in December
2018 and with a strong training plan, the line was meeting Avoncourts expectations
within a very short period of time. The material has proved very popular
with our customers who are under increasingly under pressure to justify
the continued use of plastic packaging in their products.

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Avoncourt Ross Bateman

"We believe in meeting customers‘ needs. It‘s part of our DNA."





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