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EasyPak is a privately held company based in Leominster, Massachusetts, USA and was founded in 2004 by Hector Echaniz and Marco Barbier who have a combined 50 plus years of experience in the packaging industry.


EasyPak is a manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging products and a provider of packaging services that go well beyond plastic containers. Its expertise spans from simple single-material clamshell- type deli containers to more complex multi-layer MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) containers.

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On the picture from left to right: Hector Echaniz (Owner), Marco Barbier (Owner), Alfred Rak (Vice President American Starlinger Sahm Inc.)

EasyPak provides packaging solutions tailor-made to suit each of its customers’ needs. ”Because our business is direct, we offer competitive prices and respond quickly to our customers’ projects. Being direct allows us to build individual relationships with each of our customers, better understand their needs, and provide products and services unique to each. We partner with our customers from the initial packaging concept to its implementation in their production lines. We verify that the packaging performs correctly at the point-of-sale and in the hands of the final consumer.


Over the course of our expansion, we needed additional rPET extrusion capacities”, Marco and Hector explained. “The two main reasons why Starlinger viscotec was selected as the preferred partner for EasyPak, in a nut shell are this: We saw a lot of innova- tive solutions incorpo- rated into the viscoSHEET production system.


First, the “food grade without compromise” which allows us to use 100 % PET flake for our rPET sheet, and secondly, Starlinger viscotec satisfied all of our needs for one stop shopping. This included all of the downstream automation on the extrusion line, such as direct drive electric motors without gear boxes, automatic die adjustment, and a thickness measuring device with closed loop control to adjust the automated die, as well as the silicone application unit and the automated roll change feature. This allows us to continue production without lowering output speed or filling up an accumulator during roll change.


Another major advantage comes with the upstream deCON which provides 100 % food grade flake to be used in the extruder, if desired.


Over the course of the business which has been concluded within less than a year from our initial meeting, until shipment of the line, we found the assistance from the Fountain Inn based Starlinger representatives and the work forces provided from viscotecto install the machine, to operate on a very high level.


The dedication and speed which they applied to the machine installation, shall be a new benchmark for all future installations here at EasyPak. The EasyPak team expresses their thanks to the entire Starlinger crew - Great Team work!“ “With the construction of our new North American Headquarters and Technical Center, Starlinger has once again proven their commitment to the marketplace.


We have responded to the opportunities that our customers have asked us to provide solutions for. This coupled with our desire to deliver both monetary and environmental value will ensure Starlinger will always be at the center of the markets we serve”, says Alfred Rak, Vice President of American Starlinger Sahm, Inc.



"The dedication and speed which they applied to the machine installation, shall be a new benchmark for all future installations here at EasyPak."



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