The Spanish company Formaspack is an extraordinarily successful family-owned business located in Cantabria. Luis Sastre founded the business in 1995, which today is a leading company for food and beverage packaging solutions in Spain. Formaspack counts on recycled material ever since to produce rPET sheet from post-consumer recycled flakes.

The Spanish producer of food and packaging solutions now operates a PET Bottle to bottle recycling plant.

From Flake to Sheet.
From Bottle to Bottle.

In the past year, Formaspack invested in state-of-the art technology and opened new operations and plants. They run four Starlinger viscotec sheet lines, and two Starlinger bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plants with solid state polycondensation (SSP) technology for food grade treatment.


We talked to Ana Sastre Gómez about Formaspack’s decision to go into bottle-to-bottle recycling. “Formaspack has been dedicated to the transformation of recycled PET for 25 years. It is a great opportunity for us to profit from our knowledge and to diversify to other activities. The change to circular models and to PET is already a fact, in this sense, presents big opportunities.”


Higher rPET sheet output

Formaspack equipped a viscoSHEET line with the roll stack CAL HC 1200, and increased the efficiency of the line. 20-30% more output on this line is produced thanks to the new set-up.


Benefits of CAL HC 1200

  • Automatic controllable rollstack for maximum throughput and excellent sheet surface quality.
  • Larger extruder throughput with same downstream width
  • Maximized investment-tooutput ratio
  • Outstanding surface quality of sheet
  • varioGAP and autoGAP function
  • Ideal for both PP and PET

Starlinger is a reference as bottle to bottle lines producer, moreover is our main supplier of extrusion lines of PET sheet. We know its technology, its way of working and for us is a reliable partner.


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