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Lacerta Group, Inc. is a family owned business based in Mansfield, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1993 and developed technologies to recycle data storage products (magnetic media). In 1996 they invested in a thermoforming operation in order to use the recovered material from the recycling operation.
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From left to right: Kian Lotfi (Production Technician), Miguel Quinilla (Production Technician), Gary Larue (Production Technician), Mostafa Lotfi (Principal)

Today, Lacerta is a premier thermoformed packaging company for the food industry. They offer a wide range of stock products, including tamper evident packages and custom application. Lacerta is vertically integrated from the design of the package to the prototyping and production of molds. Finally, the thermoformed products are produced in a highly efficient and flexible thermoforming operation. With the purchase of viscotec technology, Lacerta has taken the next integration step with the extrusion of PET in order to gain competitive advantages.


The core competence of Lacerta is rooted in providing innovative designs to their customers and a short time to market. “We can design a package and produce the production mold in less than 4 weeks. If we have to buy sheet from outside, then the lead time can be much longer than 4 weeks and we lose our advantage in the market. By purchasing a viscoSHEET rPET extrusion line with deCON 20 we can produce material on demand and help our customer get on the shelves much faster. We see a great demand from our customers to use environmentally friendly packages by lowering the carbon footprint.“ says Mostafa Lotfi, Lacerta Group, Inc.


With the viscoSHEET extrusion line high quality 100% post-consumer sheet for direct food contact can be produced, that even exceeds customers’ requirements. In addition, the viscoSHEET line with deCON fits to Lacerta´s corporate philosophy – the production of socially and environmentally friendly products.


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"We see a great demand from our customers to use environmentally friendly packages by lowering the carbon footprint."



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