Lyrba USA LLC opts for viscoSHEET technology


Lyrba is an international one-stop shop with production facilities in Mexico and the United States. The recycler and converter offers in-house services from the collection, production and storage of recycled products (rPET and rHDPE flakes, rPP Pellets and most recently rPET sheet) to supply chain solutions. Since 2022 Lyrba operates a viscoSHEET 1200 extrusion line and a decontamination unit, with a yearly production capacity of 7,500 tones rPET sheet. Rodrigo Orozco, CEO of Lyrba USA, told us that the ability to control a big portion of their recycling chain allows Lyrba maximum control over the quality and affordability of their products and services. We asked him, and Jorge Ruben Tamayo Diaz, President of Lyrba, about their motives and plans.

viscotec: Where do you expect growth in the next years?
Rodrigo Orozco: We expect growth in thermoforming. With our brand-new PET Sheet production line, we can convert flakes into sheets right here in Texas, which gives us complete control over the quality of the materials and gives us the opportunity to offer them at a competitive price. Everyone wins. These sheets can be used by thermoformers to make recycled packaging such as food trays, cups, and clamshells.


viscotec: Why did you choose viscoSHEET by viscotec?
Jorge Ruben Tamayo Diaz: Starlinger viscotec technology has an amazing reputation and their products are known for their top-notch quality, it is also approved by the FDA and meets most standards for the U.S. markets. The high degree of automation makes it easy for us to enter the new business. With viscotec technology, we are bringing know-how and experience into our company.


viscotec: What are your vision and plans for the future of Lyrba?
Orozco: In the future, Lyrba plans to get into making recycled consumer-use products like cups, bags, and food packaging. This would allow us to close the loop and offer 100% recycled products through a complete in-house process.


Lyrba is Green Circle certified and sources ocean bound plastic within 50km of the shore or within 200m of a river, which is used to produce PET, HDPE and PP flake. 

Starlinger is reliable and has a great reputation. We had to work with them.



Starlingers technology will allow us to start producing high quality FDA approved rPET Films/Sheets. With this we take a big step towards closing the recycling loop.


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