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Formas y Envases is a Spanish company specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of thermoformed plastic containers. For more than a decade the compa- ny has been providing packaging solutions focusing its activities on the food industry. Their production lines are fully automated and are processing at high speed.


This allows large-scale production without sacrificing versatility required by the market. The processes and materials are customized to meet the quality standard of the customer. For further integration within the production process Formas y Envases decided on a viscoSHEET 1200T75C in combination with the brand new deCON 20 from viscotec. This gives them the flexibility to assure long-term customer satisfaction and final products of extremely high quality even if produced with different kinds of input materials. Formas y Envases is prepared to process 100 % rPET for food approved final products according to EFSA and FDA.

viscoNEWS formas y envases team
Herbert Hofbauer, Christoph Niederhuber, Jose María Sastre, Javier Sastre, Luis Sastre, Meritxell Gutierrez, Diego Martinez
viscotec: FyE will install a viscoSHEET line and a deCON 20 during the next month, could you briefly outline the deciding factors for choosing this technology?

Formas y Envases: This plant fulfills in its basic configuration the high quality standards of brand owners similar to the bottle-to-bottle field in a sheet line for the first time. The elaborate technology combines high output rates, full flexibility, maximum energy efficiency, and most important of all: food safety without compromise! This is especially important, because until now, we have been delivering PET trays made of 100 % virgin material. With the deCON – viscoSHEET line we will be able to change the input material from virgin to 100% PCR recycled material. That transition is possible without any quality issues.



viscotec: Which major benefits can you see in running the whole line deCON + viscoSHEET?

Formas y Envases: In the deCON the material is processed to 100% food grade material and dried to less than 50ppm moisture which leads to a minimized iV loss and 100 % food approved sheet. Another important feature is the per- fect dedusting during the pre-heating step in the deCON. This is especially important when producing flakes-to-sheet. Dust, which is always created during the washing process of post-consumer flakes, is usually resulting in no-melts in the final sheet and degrades the sheet quality.



The conical twin screw extruder has excellent compounding properties and allows direct feeding of in-house skeleton, edge trim flakes, virgin or rPET pellets for a homogeneous sheet. Because of the gravimetric dosing for up to 4 components on the main extruder, production downtimes during recipe changes are fortunately a thing of the past and can be done during full production of the line.


Due to the short and defined residence time of the melt in the extruder and the self-cleaning effect of the conical twin-screw extruder, color changes are achieved within minutes, leading to an outstanding flexibility in our production.




viscoSHEET 1200T75C
  • MainExtruder - conical twin screw extruder 75
  • CoExtruder - single screw extruder 85
  • gravimetric dosing for 4 components
  • final sheet width 1050mm
  • max. Output of line (inkl. CoEx): 1200kg/h
  • sheet thickness 200μm – 1200μm
  • fully integrated HMI
  • inline PE Lamination
  • Lay on system for silicon/anitblock/ antislip/antifog
  • quality control
  • fully automatic winder





“This plant fulfills in its basic configuration the high quality standards of brand owners similar to the bottle-to-bottle field in a sheet line for the first time.“



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