Polish FABTOM doubled viscoSHEET power


FABTOM (formerly "WIP Group") is a packaging expert and leading manufacturer of the PET industry in Poland, that supplies bottles, preforms, and PET sheet. Today, the family-owned company runs three production plants located in Aleksandrów Kujawski and Zwolen with a total plant area of about 4,000 square meters, where they manufacture 1.5 billion preforms, 100 million bottles, and 20,000 tons of PET sheet per annum. 


FABTOM experienced heavy growth in the past years, and has 70 highly qualified employees now - and the number is rising along with the fast-growing business. The manufacturer provide services to over 100 companies all over the world in the packaging industry, which serve the food, automotive, electronics, technical, household appliances sectors.

100% rPET sheet

FABTOM produces PET packaging and sheet using up to 100% recycled material, and recorded revenue of 20 million euros in the PET sheet segment in 2021. For good reason, FABTOM added a second viscoSHEET line in 2021, just three years after installing its first line in 2019.

Dariusz Niemier, General Manager, Fabtom Sp. Zwolen notices a dynamic development in the market: “Recently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the food market has once again gained importance, this is due to the safety requirements for each food product. We assume furthermore that these markets will be more and more interesting for us, as they currently account for less than 15% of our portfolio.” The company’s main market for sheet is Europe, but FABTOM also delivers its products overseas to Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and the USA.


After-sales service and customer care

“One of the decisive reasons why we have decided to again invest in Starlinger viscotec technology is the highest quality after-sales service and customer care. Short waiting times for a response is also a huge advantage. The very advanced technology of viscotec is under constant development and new features are implemented.”, comments Grzegorz Sekuła, Production Manager PET film, and highlights another parallel between Starlinger viscotec and FABTOM: „It‘s not just our work, it‘s our passion. We love what we do.“     




Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the food market has once again gained importance and will be more and more interesting for us. 


We have again invested in Starlinger viscotec technology because of the highest quality after-sales service and customer care.


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