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Since the first introduction of the intrinsic online viscosity rheometer at the K-show in Dusseldorf 3 years ago, more than 50 customers worldwide rely on the online iV value readings of iVON on their production lines.

iVON units are in operation on PET sheet lines, PET preform machines, PET strapping lines, PET tape, and pelletizing extruders as well as melt phase reactors on virgin PET production units. The partnership with viscotec gives their customers the opportunity to gain benefits of an integrated system when deciding for an entire rPET solution.


iVON saves you money

The higher the iV in the final product is required, the higher the input iVs and/or longer predrying times are needed or, on some extrusion machines, a lower output is necessary to reach this target iV. With the iVON online iV measurement you can operate the extruder right on the target with regard to input iVs, predrying times, vacuum levels, and extrusion outputs. Product development and finding the right recipes for the product are made quickly and easy.


To optimize your production parameters to the final product requirements can save you money in energy consumption, maintenance intervals, and input materials.


iVON documents the quality of your production

Internal quality issues or even worse customer complaints are increasing with the higher and higher quality needs of our industry. iVON continuously documents one of the main quality parameter, the iV of your final product, allowing direct feedback on mechanical strength. Without any additional costs these parameters are available and stored at the iVON.


iVON reduces your off spec production

We all know it from our PET extrusion lines: the start iV or the start moisture changes, screens get unexpected blocked with dust, drying units fail…, in short words, things influencing or lowering the iV in the final product can accidently happen. Permanently monitoring the iV gives an immediate feedback and the possibility for immediate reaction. It is simply better to sell the final product to the customer and not to the recycler.


viscotec viscoNEWS iVON Ingrid Fellinger

"We want our customers to say: ’I won with iVON!‘ ’Once used to the iVON, you don‘t want to work without it anymore‘, is a sentence we often hear from our customers."




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