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The company was found on August 8, 1985 to produce and commercialize special flexible packaging for food products. In 1992, Winflex integrated the manufacturing of sheets for the chemical and hospital industry. They incorporated the production of rigid or semi rigid trays for fresh food and fruits during a further development stage in 2003. 

Since 2005, Winflex has also represented and distributed “AMCOR Flexible” products as well as blister packaging for medicines. “Winflex provides special flexible and rigid packaging, single-and multilayer, of high technology for providing an integral solution focused on the needs of our clients”, says Matias Persico, vice President, Winflex S.A.


A global trend in the packaging industry for PET food packaging is vertical integration. This process helps creating values and therefore in 2018 Winflex S.A. decided to integrate backwards by operating its own rPET sheet extrusion line from Starlinger viscotec. viscoSHEETone - one solution setting the standard. “rPET mono layer sheet without compromise: up to 100% rPET flakes, inhouse flakes, and pellets processable at guaranteed iV levels for direct food contact is the ideal setup for Winflex’s business expansion”, says Mario Persico. “intrinsic viscosity (iV), optical appearance and 100% food grade are the crucial factors in terms of PET packaging. These performance indicators are met with Starlinger viscotec’s technology. Furthermore, the Starlinger viscotec team gives us the right support to start this news business segment from scratch. As we had to purchase sheet from various suppliers in the past, we know quite well the different sheet qualities in the market.”, Mr. Persico adds.


"Intrinsic viscosity (iV), optical appearance and 100% food grade are the crucial factors in terms of PET packaging."



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