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WIP Group is one of the most important enterprises of the PET industry in Poland. In the 26 years of its history, the company developed from a manufacturer of blowing machines to a versatile, forward-oriented and highly qualified supplier of bottles, preforms and PET sheet. WIP is a family owned company with 100% polish capital and the CEO of WIP GROUP is Michal Skonieczny. “As familyrun enterprise, we are able to reach decisions within 48 hours,” says Michał Skonieczny. “This gives us a lot of flexibility to react immediately on market changes or short notice customer requests,” he adds.
Darisz Niemier and his team at their viscotec visit in April 2018

WIP company was established in Aleksandrów Kujawski in 1993, firstly as a producer of PET blowing machines for Taja company. By the end of the 90’s WIP successfully manufactured and sold over twenty such machines per year, but that amount was too great for Taja, resolving in WIP going to the free market. That’s when WIP started to produce bottles for soft drinks and water. Today the polish is selling over 40 million bottles per year for wine, milk, cosmetics etc.


In 2013 company management decided to expand its operation field and started producing high quality PET sheet. In the beginning it was to reclaim post-industrial regrind production waste of preforms and bottles, but with a clear goal to care for natural environment. “As one of the biggest manufacturer in Poland it was crucial for us to keep production ecofriendly and safe,” says Michal Skonieczny. As a result of those decisions, the second manufacturing plant in Zwoleń, central Poland was established. This plant is focusing on triploblastic thermoformed PET sheet, mainly produced from recycled materials. Today WIP Group owns two manufacturing plants:


Aleksandrow Kujawski: preform and bottle manufacturing plant

  • dozens of injection molding machines for the production of over a billion preforms annually

• some production lines for the manufacturing of bottles for household chemicals, cosmetics and food supplements


Zwoleń: sheet manufacturing plant

“In the past 5 years, we invested in 3 production lines for sheet. We use Austrian and German technology in that segment. In 2018/2019 we partnered with Starlinger viscotec to raise our PET sheet production to the next level in order to keep up with market needs. Today our production rates are 16 000 tons per year. During the last years we developed from an almost invisible player in the sheet industry to one of the leaders on the market. With the recently installed technology package supplied by Starlinger viscotec, we are able to deliver the highest quality PET sheet at a competitive price by achieving sustainability goals at the same time,” says Dariusz Niemer, General Manager WIP Zwoleń.

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"… we partnered with Starlinger viscotec to raise our PET sheet production to the next level in order to keep up with market needs."




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