Mercury Plastics (USA)


Mercury Plastics Inc. is a vertically integrated thermoformer located in Chicago, Illinois, that has been producing custom thermoform products for more than 30 years. At the moment, the company has 300 employees across three manufacturing facilities in Chicago, Franklin Park, and Maryland. Mercury Plastics works with a broad range of markets including food packaging, consumer packaging, and transport trays.


Rick and David Goldman, the second and third generation owners, are convinced that technology is a way to serve customers with consistent, high-quality products. “We are a 100% custom thermoformer. With no stock lines, our customers don’t fight for line time against our offerings.”

In the past several years, consumer and food packaging applications gained importance for Mercury Plastics and accordingly, the Goldman family invested in new facilities and technology. ”The Starlinger viscoSHEET line is the first piece of equipment placed into service in our new, 142,000 square foot facility and will be soon joined with our thermoforming equipment”, tells Rick Goldman, President of Mercury Plastics.


“This new facility, with its’ ability to also warehouse products on our floor, will allow us to better serve our customers. In particular, the new equipment allows us to push into sustainable initiatives that have become more critical in our industry than ever before. The reason we opted for the sheet extrusion by Starlinger viscotec is that the company has demonstrated a desire to continuously improve upon their offering to have the easiest line to run worldwide,” he adds.


The newly installed viscoSHEET line gives Mercury Plastics an additional 2,850 lb/h (1,300 kg/hr) capacity and more than doubles its PET sheet capacity. “Our philosophy on equipment has always been to have excess capacity available to service the surges in orders that inevitably happen,” specifies David Goldman Mercury’s approach. “Our new facility allows us to place into service extra lines to ensure that our customers always have product available to them. This way, we remain the supplier that doesn’t keep a customer up at night.” 

We are confident that with viscotec we not just have a machine, but a partner as well to help our business thrive and grow.



Starlinger viscotec has demonstrated a desire to continuously improve upon their offering to have the easiest line to run worldwide.



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