Food grade rPET without compromise


PET recycling for food grade applications is a future-proof business. Therefore, we want to detail the cornerstones of viscotec super-cleaning technology for postconsumer PET and HDPE recycling for the food packaging market.


Food contact approvals 

Our customers benefit from the food safety compliance of viscotec technology and our in-depth experience with food contact approvals. For the production of recycled plastic for food contact applications, different national legislations define or recommend the legal framework. Whatever your market requirements are, viscotec super-cleaning technology fulfills the standard.

100% rPET flakes according to EFSA infants scenario (beverage and food packaging) and 100% rPET flakes according to US FDA guideline (for conditions C-H + J) give you highest flexibility in all markets worldwide. In the case of rHDPE for direct food contact, viscotec has the FDA LNO according to US FDA guideline (for conditions E-G).

viscotec food grade package

Especially designed for recyclers who produce rPET for direct food contact, the viscotec food grade package covers everything you need.

viscotec‘s food grade package assures GMP compliant quality control of your super-cleaning process: a data logging system for your process traceability, automatic and continuous control of critical parameters, and all necessary data for food contact approvals.

It also comprises complete EFSA petitions including conversation with National Authorities, consultancy for GMP conform rPET production, and customer training for food safety and material analysis.


The excellent cleaning efficiencies result in super-clean rPET

Gas chromatographies (GC) are used for testing the purity of PET. Frequent long-term gas chromatographies at customers’ installations worldwide confirm the excellent decontamination efficiency. 





viscotec‘s food grade package assures GMP compliant quality control of the super-cleaning process. Our reactors are equipped with a special software unit that controls and records all food grade parameters continuously. In combination with the viscotec FIFO procedure 100% traceability is given.

Dynamic vacuum treatment

Due to the reduction of the boiling temperature, all contaminants evaporate when reaching the PET surface. As a result, shorter residence times at lower temperatures with an outstanding decontamination performance are achieved with viscotec technology.

First in, first out principle 

The design of the viscoSTAR, deCON iv+, and deCON outlet ensures a constant treatment time of the material in the reactor.

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