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Founded back in 1993 PolyER made a remarkable development in the last decades. Initially established for the recycling of PS-sheet and packaging, the Russian company soon became one of the leaders in manufacturing of polymer food packaging and PP, PET and PS sheet. The mission of PolyER is to create high-technology, attractive and safe packaging that improves people’s life dedicated to different final usages. The environmental awareness of PolyER induced the investment of a deCON decontamination module from Starlinger viscotec to upgrade existing production lines. This smart super-cleaning technology is installed for the decontamination of post-consumer bottle flakes according to EFSA and FDA regulations. This allows PolyER to produce high quality PET sheet and sustainable PET containers for stores, cafes, restaurants or even individual packaging. 


According to this responsibilities PolyER is one of the well-known companies engaged in recycling of polymers. The capacities accounted for 3.000 tons per month and most of their products are 100 % recyclable. To meet all needs, PolyER decided to cooperate with Starlinger viscotec because both companies aim ultimate goals of effectiveness, environment-friendly and consumer safe packaging solutions. Starlinger’s long history of success in food grade applications combined with a strong innovation culture and a market leading position in the PET industry, were the decisive factors for that sustainable partnership. In the near future PolyER is planning to widen the assortment of products, an increase in production capacity and expansion of export supply volumes. Concurrently the intention is to increase recycling capacities to create a greater contribution in the circular economy.


For PolyER three core values are the base for everyday business:



Absolute priority at all manufacturing stages, from the equipment class to the quality of customer service.



Use of only high-tech materials and additives, appliance of advanced technologies for the creation of unique packaging solutions.



Respect, responsibility and honesty with our clients and suppliers are the fundamental principles of our activities.

viscotec is the ideal partner as PolyER is striving for new developments every day. viscotec’s innovation culture and pioneering solutions fit perfectly to PolyER’s commitment, to supply trendsetting packaging solutions to their clients.

Andre Kulagin

Development Director, PolyER

Starlinger viscotec provides high-tech solutions for processing polymers in compliance with – and even exceeding – national and international standards that allow PolyER to produce safe packaging of highest quality.

Alexander Guzanov

Director, PolyER

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