Tray to Tray Recycling

Revolutionizing tray recycling: Closing the loop in PET thermoform recycling with Starlinger viscotec technology.

All around the globe, we observe a strong food packaging trend towards increased post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. Brand owners commit to increasing post-consumer recycled content in water and carbonated soft drink segments. These developments have driven demand and prices up for clear post-consumer recycled PET bottle flakes. Starlinger viscotec’s solution to tackle this challenge is to prepare PET tray flakes for the recycling loop!


Post-consumer PET thermoform is good and usable material, and suitable for upcycling. However, it has lower intrinsic viscosity (IV) and it is amorphous – therefore, the material needs pre-treatment first. In terms of processable input material, viscotec’s production lines are highly flexible: post-consumer PET flakes, in-house skeleton waste and pellets can be used.


Our solution is designed to enable true Tray-to-Tray recycling with the deCON iV+:  crystallization, super cleaning decontamination and iv increase all in one compact unit.


  • Food and beverage packaging producers
  • Brand owners
  • Converters
  • Recyclers
viscoSHEET - rPET sheet extrusion line

Our Solution

deCON iV+ benefits:

  • Decontamination of PCR flakes according to EFSA and FDA
  • iV increase dedicated for tray recycling
  • excellent dedusting
  • drying to below 50ppm
  • controlled and consistent residence time (FIFO)
  • Superior color values

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viscoSHEET benefits:

  • Entire solution – one supplier
  • No virgin material necessary
  • Immediate effect on recipe change
  • Master control panel – one software
  • Thickness range
  • viscotec as your partner

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