Bottle to Bottle Recycling

Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling solutions by Starlinger for highest food safety and efficiency

True recycling means, that a packaging can be recycled into the same product again after its use. To close the recycling loop, post-consumer PET beverage bottles are recycled to produce high-quality rPET bottles made from up to 100% recycled material. Bottle-to-bottle recycling requires the highest standards in terms of decontamination and food safety to produce end products in excellent quality.


Starlinger bottle-to-bottle systems are compliant with international and national food safety regulations. Highly efficient decontamination ensures food grade resin. The fast increase of the material's intrinsic viscosity ensures flexibility and effiency for high demanding applications.


rPET produced using Starlinger technology enables preform producers to replace virgin material without having to change the production process or materials handling.

  • Preform producers
  • Brand owners
  • Recyclers
  1. viscoSTAR
  2. injection molding

Our Solution

viscoSTAR benefits:

  • Fast iV increase
  • Consistent and adjustable iV
  • Decontamination time
  • Continuous output
  • Superior color values
  • AA values

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