Flake to Sheet

PET sheet is a versatile product and the feedstock for end products like trays, cups, tubs, food packaging, and non-food applications. rPET sheet is food grade, thanks to the supercleaning process before the extrusion of the sheet. 

In terms of processable input material, viscotec’s production lines are highly flexible: post-consumer PET flakes, in-house skeleton waste and pellets can be used.


Decontamination of the material happens in the vacuum reactor prior to the extrusion of the sheet. This guarantees high intrinsic viscosity (iV), 100% food grade approval and excellent sheet quality. No virgin material is necessary - therefore, the output is sheet made of up to 100% rPET.


From flakes to sheet with one entire solution. 

  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Converters
  • Recyclers
viscoSHEET - rPET sheet extrusion line

Our Solution

deCON benefits:

  • Decontamination of PCR flakes according to EFSA and FDA
  • Controlled and consistent residence time (FIFO)
  • Excellent dedusting
  • Drying to below 50 ppm
  • Low power consumption and maintenance
  • Optional iV increase

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viscoSHEET benefits:

  • Entire solution – one supplier
  • No virgin material necessary
  • Immediate effect on recipe change
  • Master control panel – one software
  • Thickness range
  • viscotec as your partner

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